Yeah, I know so clickbait-y but these are for real some effective as hell tips. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Dry Brush

Legit obsessed with this one. I started dry brushing before showers three years ago and noticed an insane difference in my skin health (even cellulite). I’ll be discussing it a bit more in depth next week in regards to how it aids our lymphatic system and circulation in some cool ways.

Application: Snag yourself one of those body brushes with the handle. Before showering, start at your ankles and brush upwards towards your heart (legs, stomach, arms then chest/shoulders, etc). Follow up by rinsing off and then moisturizing with a dry oil if you really want bangin’ skin.

Cold Shower

Other than stepping up and realizing you’re not a wuss, a cold shower gives you increased mental clarity, boost immunity and circulation, and relive depression (many more benefits we don’t have all day though).

Application: Finish off your showers with a 20-30s cold spray. Breathe DEEPLY, you’ll notice especially at first there’s this moment where you can choose to panic or you can choose to sit in the discomfort. It feels amazing if you choose the red pill.

4+ Servings of Veggies Per Day

Okay fine, kind of a no-brainer. But it never fails to surprise people at HOW different they feel when they start consuming more vegetables.

Application: Acquire veggies of different colors.

  1. Heat oven to 350deg
  2. Lay Silpat on your cookie sheet and throw down 1-3 veggies of choice (don’t discriminate, haven’t found one yet that doesn’t bake well)
  3. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil and spice blend of choice (I’m a die-hard Flavorgod Lemon Garlic gal) plus a little salt and pepper to taste. Mess it around with your hands.
  4. Bake 10-15 minutes or until you start seeing some browning or crispness.

Create Morning & Evening Routines

This is a fundamental practice for all BFrank clients. Starting your day with calm and intention then finishing it in the same way pays incredible dividends in our lives. Check below for more in-depth guides on creating routines that work for you.

Application: Creating an Evening Routine

Application: Creating a Morning Routine

Journal 1x/Day

10/10 recommend. This practice helps me see where I tend to get stuck & adjust accordingly.

Application: Check my recent post “Journaling For Dummies” for the simplest 3:1:1 strategy everrrr.

Move Intentionally 30min Per Day

Doesn’t have to be fancy, perfect, high intensity or flashy. Crushing yourself in the gym 5x/week then becoming a part of your couch for 2x/week is actually a surefire way to get frustrated as hell by stalled performance or body composition.

Application: Find a form of movement that you enjoy or can learn to enjoy. Walk, explore your body’s capabilities gently, and LIFT weights (not for PR’s but just for resistance).

Learn How to Breathe

Good grief, what doesn’t breathing properly help with? Digestion, stress, anxiety, depression, performance, organ health, longevity…I have yet to come across such a simple practice that pays off in such big ways.If you want to go a little deeper with some specific recs check out my recent post on How To Breathe.

Application: Box breathe or belly breathe – 10 breaths x 3/day

Surprised by any of these? Agree? Think I missed something? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts 🙂