A little bit
about me

Vitality and health are possible, and SIMPLE. Let me show you how.


I spent my life in competitive sports and fitness but upon entering university, my poor nutrition and eating habits started catching up to me. I struggled with my health through school until I was discovered CrossFit and an entirely new way of viewing food. Despite this, I had a few years to go before experiencing what it means to fuel, nourish and train in a sustainable way.


I devoted countless hours to the study of nutrition, strength & conditioning in an effort to demystify this world that so many of us are bewildered by. After opening my own facility, it frustrated me to see my people continue to struggle in the hours outside the gym, and it was this recognition that motivated me to create BFrank Coaching. I am a certified nutritionist through the ISSN, a Precision Nutrition coach and incorporate principles of functional medicine and research into all of my coaching offers.

I made the decision to turn my story into a means for understanding the struggles we all go through living in the 21st century. My goal is to embody the principles that I discovered have the greatest impact on attaining vitality and health, while showing others how possible and SIMPLE it can be to experience the same.

For many years, I wished I had a guide to show me the way back to intuitive wellness, and I would be honored to work with you to show show you how you can find it for yourself.

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