MY background

I competed in high-level sports my entire life, specifically gymnastics and ballet. Eventually I chose to retire due to burn out and injuries. Throughout college, I battled poor eating and lifestyle habits that my physical activity could not keep up with. I discovered CrossFit in 2010, and everything changed. All aspects of this world fascinated me: from the freedom to pursue unconventional methods of fitness to radical nutritional theories. Most importantly, it showed me that fitness and health was a lifelong pursuit for everyone, not just athletes.


The story didn’t end there, though. For years, even as a coach and gym owner, I battled yo-yo dieting and finding “the one” nutrition path that was right for me. I trained hard (really hard!) but no matter how active I was, I couldn’t seem to figure it out. Experimenting with different nutrition strategies (paleo, intermittent fasting, keto, macros, caloric restriction, diet pills) just kept me stuck in a vicious all-or-nothing cycle. It was infuriating and discouraging. After extensive education and application, I finally came to understand the power that our biology and behavior play in achieving long-term wellness.


Now, I have turned my story into a means for understanding the struggles we all go through living in the 21st century. My goal is to embody the principles that I discovered have the greatest impact on attaining vitality and health, while showing others how possible and SIMPLE it can be to experience the same. For many years, I wished I had a guide to show me the way back to intuitive wellness. I believe it is my calling to be that guide for you now.