JANUARY 2019 Fundamentals Program


Have you ever read a book with incredible life advice – but as soon as you finished it you weren’t sure where to start? With all the great suggestions, it’s easy to get lost in the application.

That’s why I created this program. It’s for people who may not be able to afford 1:1 coaching but are tired of waiting to experience sustainable nutrition habits and boundless energy.


What do I get?

  • Access to a guided program and app with educational resources, interactive assignments and check-ins
  • Coaching on sustainable habit formation in essential topics: nutrition, gut health, sleep and more
  • Discounted phone & Zoom video consults

How does it work?

  • The app delivers content at scheduled intervals based on a specific focus
  • In addition to optional readings, the program hinges on daily actions that apply to that module’s focus (such as creating a morning routine or choosing a workout program)
  • If you have questions about the program or need help, you can schedule a consult at a discounted rate or message me via the app for free


Early Bird = $79 until Jan 2nd

Regular Registration = $99 starting Jan 3rd

My nutrition has been forever changed thanks to Bri’s coaching  and consults. I have yo yo’d my whole life and had a terrible relationship with food that started with disorders at a young age while playing basketball.  What I found so amazing was when I first met with Bri for a consult she made me feel so comfortable. She started with her story which helped me feel comfortable enough to open up and talk about all my challenges over the years without feeling judged. I had never really spoken about nutrition with anyone for fear of judgment but she always made me feel so at ease and gave me a whole new insight and courage. She worked with me diligently and has created a whole new outlook on nutrition for me for the first time in 32 years.  I have seen great results with a loss of 4 inches on my waist and an overall feeling of strength and energy throughout life and my workouts. I don’t have the fear of carbs anymore that I did and realize how important carbs are in our diet especially when training at an intense level.

- Bonnie M. -

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