3 Common Meal Prep Mistakes

(plus solutions!)

I get intensely passionate about systems like meal planning because far too many people spend far too much time thinking about food.
And I'm not talking about the fun kind of thinking - like researching new restaurants to try out. I'm here for that.
I mean the constant debate between the lunch meal you love and the one you think is more 'healthy.'
Or the energy you spend realizing there's no time for breakfast and don't know what you'd eat anyway - so you resort to Starbuck's bites.
Going into your days and meals blind means making unnecessary decisions at least 21 times per week. And how long are you spending thinking about each meal?
Here are 3 mistakes you might be making when it comes to meal prep…
→ plus solutions for each of them.
1) (stop) Prepping one meal at a time.
You’re already in the kitchen → if you’re getting food out to prepare a meal, put together at least one more serving. That way you’ve saved time prep time tomorrow and you've saved time thinking about what to eat. This is a better feeling than you can imagine, but don’t take my word for it.
2) (stop) Using traditional recipes.

They’re complicated, clunky and time consuming (plus it’s hard to determine your macronutrient ratios). Look at each meal as a sum of its parts…

  • Lean protein
  • Starchy carbohydrates
  • Veggies (or fruits)
  • Fat

Once you grasp this framework, everything from planning to prep to variation gets easier (and gets you better results).
3) (stop) Going from 0 to 100.

You’re ready to prep. But you think this means figuring out how to prep 21 meals per week (minimum!).
Whew, stop right there. Look at your week and decide when you want to eat out, UberEats or just wing it. See what’s remaining. 
Then decide if it's worth it to offload even one meal per day from a meal prep service (make sure you take into account what your time costs in planning, grocery shopping and preparing the food).
Meal preparation used to be a full time job, and if you already have one of those, maybe you should give yourself some time to progress those skills.
My favorite meal prep company hands down is The Prep Kitchen
There are endless options on bulk items (ex. chicken breast, jasmine rice, salmon, etc) as well as the option to create a custom meal. They don’t add a bunch of unnecessary ingredients, it’s high quality but perhaps most importantly - it just tastes so fresh and delicious. And no, you don’t get roped into any recurring orders or nonsense. Just get what you want with multiple pickup and ship days each week!
You can use my referral link for 20% off your first order plus the code FREESHIPPING for…yep you guessed it, free shipping (psst…that code works for repeat customers too last time I checked).
Figuring out what it takes to have food when you need it is such a huge step to progress, independence and satisfaction.
Identify what is holding you back, create a system to match it, and get to work!



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