3-step meal planning system

How would you respond to the question...

“What’s your meal planning system?”

You hear me use the word "system" a ton, so let's make sure you understand what I mean when I throw it around

‘System’ = an organized scheme or method to achieving something

????I believe anything that is done more than once deserves its own system (admittedly I'm a bit obsessed with identifying patterns and systems #type5)

So, one of the FIRST systems you set up in FHF is your meal planning system. Every single week (and day!) you are making decisions about what you want to eat, how to get it and what needs to happen before it goes in your tum tum

????????‍♀️One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to do everything on one day (like Sunday, so then they dread it, avoid it or lose half a day and never do it consistently)

An ideal meal planning system for you will free up time, energy, space in your brain (and money tbh)

There are many different iterations, but the only way to find out what works for you is to START with a framework (I'm about to walk you through one) and then each week figure out what went well and what didn't so you can tweak it over time

3️⃣ STEP MEAL PLANNING SYSTEM (????????swipe and ????save this for later!)

1️⃣ Plan it out
This is a 5-10min planning sesh solely for planning. Complete your weekly meal plan and make your grocery lists or schedule food orders

2️⃣ Acquire it
Separate this from your meal prep sessions, so it's not such a slog. One trip should make up the bulk of your week, but scheduling a backup day (like Wednesdays) can help fill in those end of week gaps and help you go into the weekend prepared

3️⃣ Prep it
Rule #1: If it takes longer than 60-90 minutes the first time you do it, you've made it too complicated!
Rule #2: Don't try to overhaul everything in the first week. Keep it simple, tasty and DOABLE

With this framework you can experiment with which days you are more likely to follow through while splitting up the load and making it more automated (aka the KEY to consistency)

✨Now, hit me with YOUR 1️⃣,2️⃣,3️⃣! Which days work best for your planning, acquiring and prepping?????????

Here are 10 daily actions to take that will maximize your time and energy

1. Turn off phone notifications

You’re not the President of the United States. It can wait. At minimum, turn them off after work.

2. Delete the Facebook app

You can still check via browser. Helps with those baking video black holes.

3. Process your sh*t every day

Meditate, journal or reflect in whatever way you’re comfortable.

4. Start your day with movement

5 Sun Salutations or a quick flow to circulate your blood and energize yo mind.

5. Fall in love with your physical capabilities

Don’t focus on what you can’t do or don’t enjoy – simply find a way to marvel at what your body CAN do on a daily basis.

6. Learn how to breathe

Nose is for breathing. Mouth is for eating and sometimes exhaling.

7. Get that D

No replacement for sunshine on skin, and we need it every day in varying doses (sans sunscreen).

8. Connect deeply with 1-2 people every day

Research continues to show us that the most powerful indicator for longevity and life satisfaction is having a community and role in it. Find your people and invest in them.

9. Ritualize your AM & PM

This time will become your daily sanctuary. It will directly impact your health, your contribution to the world and your fulfillment.

10. Laugh. Every. Day

Life can be unfair, mean, harsh and full of trouble. It is also full of joy, gifts, opportunities and love. What you seek, you will always find.

I hope this gave you a little inspiration to pick something from the list and hit it today!