3 Things Your Meal Planning Should SAVE You

Is your nutrition the problem - or is it your lack of a nutrition planning SYSTEM?

You'll set up your meal planning SYSTEM before we even talk nutrition in FHF. What’s the point of putting together your formula if you won’t be able to do it consistently?

I'll tell ya - nada. But it does add a ton of stress when you try to overhaul your diet without figuring out which daily/weekly actions will get those updates to your plate often enough to make a difference.

Sooo, other than your sanity, here are three things a good meal planning system should save…

1️⃣1. MONEY ????

Let’s say you average $15-18 for eating lunch out & $18-$22 for UberEats mayyyybe 4-5 times per week (this is an average based on what I’ve observed). Let’s also say you’re hitting up the grocery store 2-3x/week & spending $50-60 each time

On the LOW end of this equation that comes out to almost $200 per week & on the HIGH end up to $300. So, $800-$1200 per month on food.

Five minutes of planning per week can slash that in half EASYYY peezy. And you can still make room for some UberEats or meals out.

2️⃣2. TIME ⏰

Think about the amount of time you spend right now ordering food, reviewing menus, putting together meals or thinking about what you want to eat.

Is there ANYTHING else you can think of doing with that time? A meal planning system that works for you should create more time, so you can LIVE YO LIFEEE.

3️⃣3. ENERGY ????????

Hi, decision fatigue is a THING. And while you squander it asking "what should I eat" at least three times a day, you COULD be saving that energy for more important choices - like which season of Great British Baking Show to turn on.

Don’t act like you haven’t scrolled the gazillion restaurants on UberEats & struggled to decide what you want. Every option possible, and you’re still paralyzed (hi, it me).

Automating your meals is an effective way to make room for the important stuff (so mayyyybe instead of grabbing that glass of wine in the evening you actually feel like going for a walk).????



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