5 Little Systems

(that made a BIG difference.)

I'll say this forever and ever...

People who are consistent - who achieve the goals they set - are the ones who know there's no such thing as too small of a habit.

At times last year when I was getting pummeled from every direction, all I could manage was a 5-minute walk. Or drinking water first thing.

I rarely, if ever, wanted to go to the gym. I went less, but I still went. I knew that if I could just hang on, maintain the minimum, I would come back faster when life opened up.

One of the hardest things about this health stuff is the 'trust fall' bit.

You don't know how good you can feel, you don't know how intoxicating it is to level up 👉🏼 until you are experiencing it. You have to choose momentary discomfort and inconvenience first (which our brains hate).

But, man oh man...if you can do that...the payoff is nuts.

Setting up systems is about identifying things you don't feel like doing, and getting one step ahead of them until they become automated. But you still have to CHOOSE to do it.

Think about something you don't feel like doing on a daily basis but know will improve your health (like working out, eating more protein, walking).

What system can you set up to make it easier to do that thing?

Go do it!



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