6 questions to ask before your next program
1) WHO

WHO is this appropriate for?
If you do CrossFit, cutting out your main source of fueling (i.e. starchy carbs/glycogen) is prooobs gonna end poorly. If you sleep 4-5 hours per night, intermittent fasting could be a nightmare. If you struggle with food restriction + binging, how will cutting out MORE foods or entire food groups be a long-term solution for you? Identify WHO the target audience is and make sure you're it!


WHAT are the facts?
Gather all the information you need to execute it well. What are the details? What education do you need? What needs to be in place or set up before you begin? Do the facts make sense are are they just sexy and exciting?


WHEN should I do it?
Will it make a difference if you start tomorrow because you're gung ho, or can you take a few days to get your ducks in a row? What does life look like the next few weeks? Any holidays coming up? This doesn't necessarily preclude you from starting (I have people come in to FHF at all different times in their life!), it's more about setting expectations for YOU


WHERE am I getting my information and guidance?
Nooo, not articles from google. Or op-eds. Or friends' experiences. What does the research tell us about this particular process? Who can you trust to deliver science-based recommendations and prudent advice? Identify those sources quickly, so you're not thrown off course by untrustworthy resources

5) WHY

WHY do I want to do it?
Because it's trendy? Because Joe Rogan is experimenting with it? Be honest. If it's because you truly believe it can help you get where you want, answer these questions thoroughly (and if it IS because it's trendy, that's fine! It's yo life! Just implement it intelligently

6) HOW

HOW can I set myself up for success?
How do you need to set up your systems (routines, habits, etc) to make sure you succeed?

I hope having a framework helps you do some thorough homework and lead to feeling confident in whatever you choose. This is the kind of critical thinking that I try to instill in all of my clients and my programs, so if it appeals to you, head over to my programs page and let's see if something I offer makes your investigative journalism cut ????