8 Kitchen Tips

& Tricks

Here's the thing…
→ There will always be dishes, but some simple tactics can help you stay sane.
→ Some tools are worth their weight in gold.
Today, I'm sharing some tactics and tools with you to help relieve your kitchen frustration - enjoy!
1. Invest in an air fryer.
You will fall in love with your own food overnight and batch cooking will become a breeze. Don’t settle for less than a 6-quart and don’t fall for the ones with fancy buttons. I love the Dash 6-quart Air fryer as well as the Cosori XL
They all do the same thing if they have a temperature dial and timer and the fancy buttons usually aren't accurate anyway. For best protein results you'll want rec #2 below ;) 
2. Get a meat thermometer.
Stop undercooking and overcooking your meats! This is a super inexpensive way to make your proteins tastier (and safer). You can find simple ones like this guy on Amazon, Target or most grocery stores. 
3. Use produce storage containers.
I’ve become obsessed with these storage containers that double as my produce soak and wash tools. Plus, my berries stay fresher way longer.
4. Reset your kitchen at night.
Even though I love tidy spaces, I resisted committing to a full evening reset for a while. But once I incorporated this as a regular practice, it’s pretty silly how much it improved my morning productivity and focus. I’ve almost started looking forward to the ten minutes or so each night where I tidy up in a quiet, low-lit kitchen and go to bed satisfied with that check mark.
5. Use one utensil/dish at a time.
This is for those of you who are so sick of all the dishes. Restrict yourself to one of each - bowl, dish, fork, spoon. Instead of accumulating dishes throughout the day, this forces you to wash and reuse for each meal.
6. Wash/rinse immediately.
This especially goes for the things you hate washing like blenders and mixing bowls. If you rinse those things out right away, you don’t have to deal with caked on yuck.
7. Pick one side of the sink for soaking/dirty dishes.
If I’m not ready to wash something, I will at least make sure it’s soaking and reserve the left side for the dirty dishes. This way there’s room for cleaning or pouring things out. Plus, seeing things on both sides of the sink is really overwhelming for me (bcc: J.P. LOL).
8. Use the dishwasher as a drying rack.
I don’t like using counter space, so we use our dishwasher to dry and just leave it cracked to ensure it doesn’t get weird in there. I run the dishwasher about once per week.
BONUS: Over the sink roll-up drying mat
I rarely fall for Instagram ads but this one got me good - and I'm glad it did! I show this drying mat in my stories all the time because I love it for a quick drip dry on tools I use frequently (blender, espresso thingey, etc). 
Whether we like it or not, our kitchen game affects all the other areas of our life, so I hope this gives you some ideas! 

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