How to Set GOALS That Come True

I've mentioned before how much I used to struggle with goal-setting.

Not the setting part...I was a pro at that. Planning, organizing, going, totally my jam.

It was the…achieving part. The follow through. I rocked the pre-game so hard, I kind of forgot that in order to get to a goal you need to establish HOW and keep going past the initial excitement and frenzy.

But my years of struggles are now to your (and my clients') benefit! Because I've identified THREE things that most people are missing in their quest for glory - and I'm sharing them with you today.????


1. Get clear. Like crazy clear and specific

“Lose weight” → “Lose 2 inches off my hips”

“Get healthy” → “Lower my blood pressure by X points” or “Workout 4 times per week regularly”

“Feel better” → “Have consistent energy throughout the day”


2. Identify the TWO biggest actions that will impact your goal the most

If we’re playing out the weight/fat loss goal, you’ve got tons of options → sleep 7+ hours, hit 8-10k steps daily, lift weights 2-3x/week, log your food (pick TWO for now).

For overall health you'll find success with → add 1 hour of sleep, take a daily walk, use hand guide meal portions, take an afternoon breathwork break…etc

 And to feel better, choose any of the above as well!


3. Scale then evolve those options by identifying where you are now and plotting out 4-6 weeks of gradual upgrades

Example Goal Action → Hit 8-10k steps

This is where people mess up. They set a target without individualizing it. If you currently hit 4-5k steps, but you see somewhere that 10k is be all end all…GOOD LUCK trying to hit that overnight! 10k steps is no joke (although it is SUPER effective). But you have to earn that intensity. So a more successful strategy would be to step (ha, pun) your way up to a higher goal.

Specific Goal = Aim for 6-7k this week which means incorporating an additional 10-15min walk each day. Once you're consistent at 6-7k, set a new range of 7-8k, which means two 5-minute walks, a longer walk or simply getting up and moving more throughout the day. 

We MUST build up our systems and lifestyle with our goals. That is how these actions end up feeling automated → in way less time than you think!

⚠️Questions to consider for maximal success⚠️

  • ❓When will you do these things?
  • ❓What needs to change in your current lifestyle?
  • ❓You wake up tomorrow and...what comes next? How does it actually fit in your life?

That's it. Go do it. Stop looking for more plans or solutions - you have everything you need right now :)



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