5 Backup Systems to Set Up TODAY

I use the word "systems" a lot.

It's technically another word for routine, but I feel like it carries an extra emphasis on automation and structure - concepts that are incredibly powerful to harness in this world (and concepts that often feel foreign to clients coming into FHF).

I believe this to be so important that the very first module in FHF is about setting up your systems.

Today, I want to share some BACKUP systems that will make you more resilient and less susceptible when life throws random sh*t at you (which it will).????????

1️⃣1. "If...then" meals

If I forget my lunch at home, then my backup meal is a bowl at Chipotle with chicken, veggies and beans. If I don't have dinner prepped, then I'll keep frozen rice, chicken fajita strips and frozen bell peppers in the freezer.

Some ideas:

  • Sandwich
  • Super smoothie/protein shake
  • Pre-made store meals
  • Greek yogurt

2️⃣2. Failsafe movement

In the movement formula module, I have people put together elements of exercise they enjoy and then start scheduling it into their week. Movement HAS to happen - so if a workout is missed, hit an evening walk or set aside 15min to do a quickie.

3. More buffer time

You don't HAVE to pack your schedule. Feeling behind is a CONSTANT stressor and incorporating more buffer time between meetings, appointments, to-do's is a BIZARRELY effective tactic to reducing overall stress in your life.

4. SOS Box breathing

A perennial BFrank Fam favorite. When you feel yourself creeping towards overwhelm or anxiety, this is your new alternative to losing it at your partner or reaching for a box of chocolate.

5. An emergency fund

An emergency fund is separate from savings and it's your life failsafe - we KNOW unfortunate things happen in life, it's just a matter of when. Be prepared when it does.


A great way to become ANTI-fragile is by intentionally injecting stress into your life on a regular basis. Things like lifting, cold showers, walking instead of driving - all of those things make us stronger.

Did any of these back-up systems speak to you?



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