All hail snack time (aka second lunch)!

You've got time to prep one of these babies for tomorrow and bookmark this post so you can up your second lunch game for keeps.

When clients come to me struggling with body composition, blood sugar, energy or performance, they go through a strategic process to eliminate common obstacles and establish a solid foundation before even playing with logging.

One of those common issues is huge gaps between meals (in particular, lunch and dinner). Most people need a 'snack' but think they are 'wrong' for getting that 3-4p cookie craving (hi, you are hungry. It is time to eat).

The key is to stop seeing this midday spot as a snack and make a balanced meal out of it.

It’s just a puzzle game.

Start by hitting at least 2 of 4 from the below:

  • ✅Protein (non-negotiable)
  • ✅Veggie
  • Fat
  • Starch⠀

Note: All of these are easy af to prep and bring on the go, open your mind to what can be a travel meal!


  • Protein = Quality deli turkey or chicken (at least 4-5 slices!)
  • Veggie = Peppers, cukes and/or sprouts
  • Fat = Avocado
  • Starchy carb = Plantain chips as a side


  • Protein = Skyr (#bae) or Greek yogurt (3/4cup typically gets you 15-20g, don't be afraid to crank more)
  • Veggie = Berries and/or other fruit
  • Fat = Full fat yogurt and/or add some nuts or seeds
  • Starchy carb = Oat or grain-based granola (if it's nut-based then just consider that part of your fat)


  • Protein = Quality deli turkey/chicken
  • Veggie = Sprouts, lettuce, tomato
  • Fat = Avocado or avocado mayo spread
  • Starchy carb = Whole grain bread or GF bread


  • Protein = Quality whey, pea or vegan protein
  • Veggie/fruit = Whatever you're willing to pop in there - my favs are spinach, cauliflower and zucchini plus berries for fruit
  • Fat = Avocado or nut butter
  • Starchy carb = Frozen sweet potatoes or banana (throwing banana in this department because it is a bit more starchy - don't overthink it!)

Now get to snacking!