You only need a bedtime routine if...

  • You crash in the mid-afternoon
  • ⛔️You struggle with cravings
  • You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • You don't feel refreshed in the morning
  • You snooze regularly
  • You need coffee to feel awake or alert
  • You experience PMS or PMS symptoms
  • You experience anxiety or depressive symptoms
  • Your gut is off
  • ⛔️Your stress levels are high
  • ⛔️You feel burned out

Did I miss anyone? No? Listen, urrybody needs a bedtime routine. We're all a bunch of babies toddling around pretending to be grown-ups while complaining about being tired all the time and throwing back coffee like there's no consequence in sight.

Imma make this easy as heck for you because I know you think I’m trying to take your only sacred down time of the day away. Fret not. Netflix is safe.

Today, I've got THREE levels for you to choose from and EXACTLY whatcha need to do for each.

LEVEL 1: Minimum Effort, Maximal Change

  1. Pick a non-negotiable lights out time (be realistic consistency is the most important factor)
  2. 2️⃣Pick 1-2 anchors (will be listed below)
  3. Make a charging home for your phone outside the bedroom or at least across the room

LEVEL 2: Ready To Level Up

Level 1 plus....

  1. Electronics/device-free for at least 30min prior to lights out
  2. Expose yourself to light FIRST thing in the am

LEVEL 3: Make Me Sleep Ninja

Level 1 plus...

  1. Electronics/device-free for 60min prior to lights out
  2. 5️⃣10-15min Morning walk


  • ????Dim lights around the house
  • Aromatherapy
  • Brew tea
  • Meditate/sit
  • Gentle stretch flow
  • Read
  • Brain dump
  • Journal (3:1:1 recommended, check prior posts)
  • Warm or cold shower
  • Box breathing


  • Red screen after sunset
  • Use f.lux on all electronic devices
  • Blue light blocking glasses like Swanwick Sleep
  • ????Cold or cool shower to lower core body temp and fall asleep faster

BAM! Hope you're ready to feel the domino effects of better sleep in the REST OF YO LIFE cuz thats what's aboutta happen.



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