black friday favs

This is the first time I've embraced Black Friday in all its glory - mostly because ya girl is trying to save money like a madwoman. So it only makes sense to take advantage of discounts for things I want to get anyway (as well as my fav things in general). With that in mind, I've compiled a list of my favorite products and companies to help YOU save money as well (and I managed to compile a list with ZERO Amazon links - yasss). Please note: a couple of these are affiliate links!

Before I drop those, don't forget I'm running my own Black Friday promos thru December 1st!


4 Systems E-book - $29 limited time

My landmark 25-page interactive e-book will walk you through implementing the four systems everyone should have in their life. Plus, I'm including a 30-day habit tracker because data and accountability always win.


Fundamental Health Formula - code “FHF2021" at checkout 
  • $250 off in-full payment (drops to $1297 for ALL 6 months)
  • Monthly payment plan available
  • Reserved spot in January program
  • Access to the BF Slack channel and Holiday Challenge beginning November 30th (raffling off Phone Soap, blue blockers and yes, even an air fryer!)
Self Guided Formula - code “SGF2021” at checkout
  • $150 off (drop to $297 for all 3 months)
  • Reserved spot in January program
  • FREE copy of the 4 Systems E-book

Ok, now on to my fav companies and deals.


Prep Kitchen

25% off order with code "PKBLACKFRIDAY"

My favorite meal prep company! And they ship nationwide.

Click here


Sleep Crown

$30 off pillows + free shipping

I. Am. Obsessed. With. The. Traveler. Pillow. I have systematically purchased one for everyone in my family. Partner snores? Travel often? Forget eye masks. This will change your life, and it's SO SOFFTTTTT.

Click here


Phone Soap

20% off and free shipping with "HOLIDAY20"

A bed and sanitizer for your phone all in one! I show this baby in my stories and always get asked what it is. I love mine!

Click here


Swanwick Sleep

15% off with code "SWANWICKWINS"

If you're going to spend money on blue blcoker glasses, these are the ones. My clients and I notice a distinct difference in how quickly  and how deeply we sleep when we use these.

Click here



50% off with code "CYBERFRE50"

I tried SO many different companies until I tried Fré out about 2.5 years ago. Haven't looked back since. My skin has NEVER been better in my entire life. Highly recommend the Revive, Glow Me and Recover Me, but they have amazing combo sets.

Click here



35% off no code needed

One of my favorite data-based stress management tools. This device attaches to your earlobe and phone and SHOWS you how you're feeling while training you to manage your breath. Usually only goes on sale at this time of year!

Click here


Cozy Earth PJ's

50% off with "ANNIEMILLER50"

Been on the hunt for adult pj's for so long. Thank god Annie found them for me lol. Her code gets us 50% off! These babies are breathable, comfortable and SO FREAKING SOFT.

Click here


Day Designer

Free shipping with code "CYBER20"

I'm a planner ho. I've tried them all. Day Designer finally made a format that aligns with my brain and their designs are gorgeous. They haven't put out their promo yet, but it will be worth it when they do!

Click here



75% off combo packs

Could not live without my Garlic Lovers, Garlic Herb & Himalayan Sea Salt and, of course, my Buttery Cinnamon Roll. Their combos are STUPID cheap - these are seriously my favorites!

Click here


Truffle Co.

25% off with code "GIFTLOVE"

The only thing I love as much as travel planning is packing. Truffle makes my favorite daily and travel cases. I'm planning on making an upgrade with this sale!

Click here


Lo & Sons

Up to 70% off

I rave about this company that was started by an adorable woman in her 60s and her sons. The quality of the bags and purses is unparalled, and they stand by the quality. I'm SO particular about purses/daily bags, and I vouch wholeheartedly for the Rowledge backpack, OG carry-on and the Pearl crossbody. The perfect amount of room, the perfect pockets and a classy look that belies my usual lack of classiness LOL.

Click here


Dash Air Fryer

20% off and free shipping!

A Black Friday without recommending MY FAV AIR FRYER?! YAH RIGHTTTT. Love the Dash 6-quart, its simplicity and it's functionality. This baby normally goees for $99+ and is on sale via the Dash website! I think it's time that you joined #TEAMAIRFRYER!

Click here

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