S.O.S. Strategies:


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you never get a chance to catch up? The to-do’s keep piling up and you’re scrambling from one item to the next, missing meals and feeling the anxiety build…????

Today has been one of those days for me.

????????So, we’re going to stop right here and redirect the day, together.

Here is a simple framework for regaining control of these days when they (inevitably) sneak up on us.

It consists of two strategies: Breathwork and Brainwork. Let’s call them our “SOS Strategies” (I gotta trademark that sh*t or something).


????If able, move to a different space and sit comfortably (if not you can do all of this in your office chair). Imagine a string is attached to the top of your head and that string is gently pulling you upwards - expanding the space for your lungs, relaxing your shoulders, and strengthening your spine.

Now let’s get weird and close our eyes - exhale all the air in your body, feeling your abdominals contract.

????Perform your first Box Breath at the following tempo:

3s Inhale

1s Hold your breath at the top

3s Exhale ⏸

1s Hold your breath at the bottom

????Repeat that tempo breathing for 8-10 rounds. It may feel really weird at first, but you will find your groove. If you find this really simple or are super stressed and need some major calming try a 3/3/3/3 tempo...

3s inhale

3s Hold

3s Exhale

3s Hold

Bam, now you’re ready for the second tool.


????Ask yourself the following questions:

????What is causing me the most anxiety right now?

????Is it essential for me to do this thing RIGHT NOW?

If YES: What is the simplest step I can take towards it right now?

If NO: Let it go for now. And ask what is ACTUALLY important for me to do right now?

Okay, gang. Take one more deep breath and let's get back to it.????????