Creating a Bedtime Routine

Yassss bedtime routines *rubs hands in glee*

Have you ever strolled into the gym and tried throwing the heaviest weight you can pick up over your head right away?

Chances are most of us cringed at the thought, cuz even if our warmups aren’t perfect we at least do a little stretching before throwing our bodies around.

Alas, that’s kinda how sleep is treated these days. We run hot all day, rush home, eat, plunk in front of a lightbox flashing a gazillion images straight into our brain – and then think we have insomnia or sleep issues because we can’t fall asleep right away.

By now, we’re all sick of being told how important sleep is, right? Right, so today let’s do something about it.


1. Consistency is KEYYYYY.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t know the difference between a Monday and Friday, so if you really want to experience the magic, lock it down for a bit.

2. Write it out & make it fun - here are some suggestions.

Dim lights // Brew tea // Prep clothes & food for next day // Quick shower // Journal or brain dump // Gentle stretch // Read // Breathing or Meditation

3. 3️⃣Pick a start time.

At least 30min, ideally 60min, before you plan on climbing into bed. If you’re currently binging tv until 12am, try 10:30pm - ease into it.

4. Be patient.

Don’t expect overnight progress. I PROMISE it’s worth the wait.


  • Get you some blue blocker glasses. ???????? @swanwicksleep
  • Eliminate all ambient/technological lights from your bedroom.
  • Get your phone and all electronics OUT – I’m super cereal on this, it’s an absolute game changer not just for sleep but for your life and mentality.
  • Download f.lux on all electronics if you are a “take your work home with you” kid.
  • Keep the room cool and DARK.
  • ????Clear/organize your room – as little clutter as possible.
  • ????Get sunshine on your skin first thing in the am – combined with a little walk will help reset your circadian rhythm and help you sleep better the upcoming night.

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