Daily Productivity Dirt Dive

Without a plan or direction, many of us exist in state of reactive autopilot, making decisions and dealing with life as it hits us. This can lead to feeling like we're stuck, perhaps moving, but not with any forward motion.
A 'dirt dive' is a term I learned from Mark Divine where you envision how the day will unfold.
1. First you identify what is most important to accomplish for that day.
2. Then envision yourself completing it gracefully.
Knowing precisely where to direct our energy as the day starts, as well as what to reject, improves effectiveness and thus, results.
Over the last few weeks, I've been refining a set of prompts that I complete each weekday, helping me narrow my focus and reduce my natural compulsion to do all the things (which tends to creeps up when I feel busier and actually sabotages my productivity).


→ Focus/mantra
When I get in the weeds or need to redirect unhelpful thought patterns.
→ Training time
What I am doing for training and when I will commit to doing it.
→ Daily Non-negotiables
1-2 daily actions that I commit to doing no matter what the day is like. They are the opposite of 'reach' goals and should feel like easy wins.
→ Top 3 Tasks
These are work-related and help me practice essentialism instead of "I have to do it all"-ism.
→ Contacts/DM's/Calls
A list of client calls or random contacts I need to remember to complete.
Completing this each morning has been in instrumental in increasing my creativity, my clarity and calm throughout the day and creating more momentum as I work my way back.
I will likely keep experimenting with these prompts depending on what I feel needs a daily nudge - like recovery time, play time, maybe even meals. But for now, this is what a completed Dirt Dive looks like.

Pro Tip:
While I've always considered myself more of a paper/pen gal, I'm in my digital calendar so often that this has been a more repeatable system for me. I have it set up as an All Day event that repeats on each weekday, and I simply edit within each day. You can also copy this format into any hard copy planner or system you have.
If you feel like you're constantly busy, but not moving forward, this practice could be a gamechanger for you. I've spent years experimenting with daily productivity tools because I know that if your days are chaotic, it makes it that much harder to pay attention to your health.
→ Which is also why I have an entire module filled with tried-and-true productivity systems like this the Fundamental Health Formula.
Try the Daily Dirt Dive and let me know how it goes! 


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