Don't Let Your Fear Run the Show

My challenge for you this week…

Don’t let your fear of suffering rob you of the satisfaction of doing the work.

You know those things that just feel ‘too hard’?

I’m not talking about that workout you’re willing to punish yourself with. Cranking out one tough workout when you’re feeling frustrated isn’t going to get you the results you want.

I’m talking about the real work.

→ Going on a daily walk.
→ Putting protein on your plate.
→ Taking a 5-minute break from work to breathe to chill your nervous system.
→ Setting aside time to plan your meals.

 The things that seem too minor, too insignificant, but also too tedious.. They don’t necessarily give us a rush of endorphins, right?

I tell you what though - those things hold so much joy and satisfaction for you.

Everyone deserves to feel that satisfaction

Something I strive to do as a coach is find that line between making things more accessible for my clients without robbing them of the dignity of the process.

Why? Humans have this fascinating need to be challenged.

If things are too easy, they don’t feel worthwhile. I know that may sound nuts, but it’s how we’re wired. 

So my constant challenge is to provide enough guidance and encouragement to show people they are infinitely capable of doing hard things. And help them stick with that until they realize how enjoyable it is.

I talk about this a lot more in my Fundamental Health Formula. Each module includes a mindset prompt that can powerfully change the way you view your health journey. 

Giving you tools that work is the easy part.

Helping you apply them and stick with them…

that’s where the magic happens and that’s been my driving force since I started creating this program in 2016.

I’m really excited to be opening it once more in April, and I’ll be sharing more details on that soon.

In the meantime, I hope you will consider how you can choose the ‘hard’ that will move you forward today (and every day thereafter). I know you can do it.



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