Easy Ways to Win the Weekend

Lemme get this straight...

You’re gonna bust your butt all week - make better meal choices, get to the gym, skip social events - and then waste ALL that effort by losing your sh*t over the weekend?

ENOUGH of that ;) By implementing a few simple practices, we can make your weekends effective and STILL have fun. Plus you’ll start your week excited, instead of frustrated by the weekend decisions.

6 EASY Ways To Win the Weekend????

1. Hit the grocery store BEFORE the weekend (Thursday is a great option for a restock).

????Most of the time we lose it because we’re unprepared. If you’re out of food and have no options, gooood luck. We gotta give you the OPTION to make a better choice.

2. Eat breakfast. PLEASE.

????No matter what, crush your breakfast and use it to jam in some protein and veggie. You’ll begin the weekend fueled, energetic and less likely to go nuts at brunch.
(Ex. eggs + chicken sausage + pepper scramble)

3. Move!

????????‍♀️Use your fitness to do something fun, and bonus points for making it a social event. It can be tough to find social events that don’t involve alcohol - plan something with your friends like rock climbing, hitting a park or going to a group workout.

4. ????Play :D

????As we get older, we forget how crucial playing is for our health and fulfillment. Figure out what play is for you, whether it involves people or alone time and be intentional about making it happen. This will make you better at everything else you do in your life.

5. Be social, GUILT-FREE!

????I don’t have many rules but this: if you’re going to do it, ENJOY it. Eat the queso, have the drink, do the thing, whatever BUT IT HAS TO BE WORTH IT. If it passes this test, there should be no guilt or shame associated. And if you do it and don’t enjoy it, you’ll remember. And you’ll make a different choice next time.

6. ⏰Schedule a prep session.

⏰Set aside 30-60min to look at your week ahead, plan Monday thru Wednesday and make grocery lists. Then be prepared to have a kickass week!



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