3 Effective Tools for STRESS

Whether you're getting hit by some gnarly insanity right now or just live in a perpetual state of to-do's...

Let's stop being victims and regain control with 3 effective af tools:

  2. MOVE



????????If able, move to a different space and sit comfortably (if not you can do all of this in your office chair).

????????Imagine a string is attached to the top of your head and that string is gently pulling you upwards - expanding the space for your lungs, relaxing your shoulders, and strengthening your spine.

????????Now let’s get weird and close our eyes - exhale all the air in your body, feeling your abdominals contract...

Perform your first Box Breath at the following tempo:

  • ⬆️3s Inhale through your nose, expanding chest and belly
  • ⏸1s Hold at the top
  • ⬇️3s Exhale through your nose or open mouth
  • ⏸1s Hold at the bottom

????Repeat that tempo breathing for 8-10 rounds. It may feel really weird at first, but you will find your groove. If you find this really simple or are super stressed and need some major calming try a 3/3/3/3 tempo.

????????‍♀️MOVE ????????‍♀️

When our nervous system senses threats, it affects our entire body (in this way we can 'store' stress or anxiety physically). Moving it through and OUT of our bodies is a powerful way to release stress and restore yourself to a higher functioning state.

  • ????????Go on a quick walk
  • ????????Hit 10 air squats or 20 high knees
  • ????????Literally shake it out (what, too weird? Stop thinking you’re too cool for this stuff, it works, aight)

????REFLECT ????

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • 1️⃣ What is causing me the most anxiety right now?
  • 2️⃣ Is it essential for me to do this thing RIGHT NOW?
    • If YES:✅ What is the simplest step I can take towards it right now?
    • If NO: Let it go for now.
  • 3️⃣ What is ACTUALLY important for me to do right now?
    • ????????GO DO THAT THING????????

Alright, fam. Enough reading and scrolling, time to take action.



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