Extreme Habits Lead to Extreme Failure

I think we all innately know how to be healthy. But our world is noisy, demanding and blocks out that intuitive knowledge. Ultimately, what I see in clients is that we’ve lost faith in our ability to follow through.

????No sugar for 30 days????
????Go to bed at 9 ????
????????Workout urry day ????????

We set these extreme goals and then a few weeks/days later, we’re right back where we started feeling disappointed in ourselves. Look, I know the feeling of needing to do something DRASTIC to pull myself out of a funk. When that hits, you just want to do something, ANYTHING to feel like you’re taking action. We often mistake that for motivation. But it’s not, is it?

It’s desperation. We reach for something so far from what we’ve been doing because we need distance from that despair.

Like I said, I get it. It took a years of bouncing between extremes to finally step back and admit - this isn’t working.

Ok, so how?

Think about that habit or thing you keep trying to nail. Now…make it 10x easier (not an exact calculation, but hey you get my point).

Wanna cut sugar?

Minimize your intake first. If you’re pounding a bag’s worth of Haribo per day (churchhhhh) start by eating half or a fourth equivalent. And eat plenty of real food to help eliminate those sugar cravings.

Sleep getting the shaft?

Start a wind-down routine at 10 instead of 10:30 or shut off the TV 10-15min earlier. Screw all the advice about 7-9 hours and what time to go to bed - you gotta earn that level, not jump right to it.

Searching for the ultimate workout program?

????????‍♀️Unless you consistently hit the gym already, get yo ass up and walk 20min per day this week. Yeah, I know, how unsexy is that? But have you ever actually tried it?

The point is we set these lofty, badass goals with no plan for the in-between. We go from 0 to 100, and wonder why we keep struggling with the same ol’ sh*t.

Keeping our word to ourselves by setting DOABLE habits and then simply DOING them just. freaking. works. So make it easy - at first. Because the best thing you can do is rebuild trust in yourself, nail your habit and within weeks be buzzin’ for more.