my fav sleep products

Buy your way to better sleep with these products ?

Alright, so the truth is it takes more than some cool products or popping a pill to improve your sleep - your environment and habits HAVE to adjust as well.

But there ARE some things that can be a helpful aid along the way. 

Enjoy my fav sleep products to help you start improving your sleep tonight!

1. UV Sanitizing Phone Charger Station

Putting our phones to bed is a non-negotiable for BFrank clients. This one sanitizes and comes in blue, silver or gold.

2. Sleep Crown
3. Swanwick Sleep blue light blocking glasses

For anyone on a computer, phone or watching tv after the sun goes down, these are a VERY worthwhile investment. Clients send me screenshots of their sleep, and you can see vast differences in sleep duration and quality on nights they wear blue blocking glasses


These are bit more fashionable and I use on heavy computer days for short periods of time (use code "ANNIE" for 10% off!).

Himalayan salt lamps

Walking into a relaxed/chill environment in your bedroom and bathroom is a gamechanger in the evenings

Levoit air purifie

Air purifiers are a must if you own pets. Especially important in the bedroom for more quality sleep & those with allergies

SnowLotus essential oils
High quality, small batch oils without the membership). They ship insanely fast and have epic customer service, too!
Sunrise Simulating Clock

Back in the hellish days of waking up before 5a, having this clock was a gamechanger. It sets to a gradually building light and/or sounds that will start your day off WAY better than those cortisol-inducing phone alarms. And those phones are getting out of the room anyway right?? P.S. There is an expensive Phillips version, but many of my clients haven't found it superior to cheap versions you can find on Amazon

Lectrofan Sleep Sound Machine

My Levoit Air Purifier is the perfect sleep sound machine, but this is great for travel or if you have a more silent air purifier

I hope this gave you a little inspiration to pick something from the list and hit it today!