How to Feel Confident In Your Skin

Too many women are unhappy in their skin.

Aren’t you tired of waking up feeling bloated, fluffy, not liking anything you put on, not ENOUGH?

I’m out to change this in the most lasting way - mentally, emotionally and physically - and I believe those transformations can start with what seem like small actions.

How to Reclaim Your Body and Feel Confident in Your Skin TUH-DAY✨

1. Wear Less Clothes

????Ever notice how BEAUTIFUL it is when people own their skin, now matter what size or shape they are? Stop hiding from yourself. I'm not saying to go streaking through the quad, but you can start simply by wearing a sports bra around the house.

2. Move First Thing

????????‍♀️Try 3-5 Sun Salutations first thing in the am (you know that flow you do in every yoga class?) which gives you a burst of energy and connects you with your body right away.

3. Communicate

????How often do you speak TO your body? How often do you THANK your body for supporting you through the years despite being the recipient of damage and impatience? Write a letter to your body thanking it and specifically identifying what it has done and continues to do for you.

4. 'Love Yourself To Health' @rachelraebarnette

If your body is communicating that it needs more care and HEALTH, love it enough to do so. The fact is we KNOW a healthier body with less health risks falls within a certain body fat and BMI range. The greatest gift you can show your body is addressing your health.

5. Make A Plan

????Much of the suffering comes from feeling like you’re spinning your wheels. Hire a coach who understands your goals and can help you cultivate a life that SUPPORTS them.

PSA: You don't always have to love your body. But knowing how to direct that feeling into productive energy and healing - that's powerful AF. So the question is: how much more time are you willing to spend stuck in this cycle?



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