Five Things to Include On YOUR PLATE


Nutrition is confusing because there are SO many strategies that work. And, we often get stuck by asking "what is the best?" instead of asking "what would work best for me?"


Humans are insanely unique in our specific likes, dislikes, adaptations, limitations, schedules, training, mindset...

By starting with core principles and then adjusting based on individuality, you're going to have a much better chance at finding the formula that provides sustainability AND results.

❓Not sure where to start?

❓Sick of every fad diet that tells you what NOT to eat?

Start by including these five5️⃣ things in every meal:

1️⃣1. Lean Protein

Serving = one to two palm sizes

⚡️Doesn't mean fattier options are off the table. Just means you won't need to add a fat source at the end.

2️⃣2. Starchy Carb

Serving = one handful (or about 3/4 cup)

⚡️This one is highly variable depending on your activity level (and tbh many other things). EVEN IF you are sedentary, you will likely benefit from a serving at each meal of nutrient-dense starches such as potatoes, rice, quinoa, etc.

3. Fibrous Carb (aka vegetable)

Serving = one cup

⚡️Low caloric density but HIGH vitamin and mineral content. Blend 'em, hide 'em...grow up and eat 'em. If you struggle getting veggies with brekkie, just sub a fruit. The goal is to get fiber and nutrients in!

4.4️⃣ Fat

Serving = Variable

⚡️Oils - one tbsp.

⚡️Nut butters = one to two tbsp.

⚡️Nuts = Small handful

⚡️Avocado = 1/2 of a small to medium

5. Fruit

Serving = Handful or whole piece

⚡️We get a BIG bang for our buck on most fruits when it comes to vitamins and fiber. Whole, fresh fruit (or frozen of course!) is where it's at.


Start looking at your plate and seeing how you can round out your meals to follow this formula. One meal at a time, make your upgrades. If you're hitting 3 meals a day following this're killing the game.

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