Food Keeps Us Humble

I’m willing to bet you’ve wished you didn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of eating more than a time or two. And you’re definitely not alone.

Who has time to sit down 3-4x/day, smile, relax, chew and heck, actually smell their food?

I know it sucks, but we humans haven’t figured out how to hack this one yet. And we’re seeing so many consequences of taking our food for granted.

  • ????Indigestion
  • ????IBS
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Weight gain
  • Poor gut health

These consequences tend to cascade into more serious issues.

Ok, so the fix - gotta follow up downer news with a solution, right?

The crazy thing is, what fixes the MAJORITY of those issues are basic practices that humans used to do naturally:

  • ✅Take our time
  • Chew thoroughly (until it’s liquid)
  • Breathe between bites
  • Smile
  • ✅Practice gratitude

But hey - if food annoys you right now, it’s completely unrealistic to expect to wake up tomorrow and feel a desire to sing a gratitude hymn over your plate.

So…don’t .????????‍♀️

Think about this instead - food keeps us humble. It’s multiple opportunities in a day to be reminded that we are not all-powerful and even the greatest among us require fuel.

That bite you put in your mouth is going to be the source of your mental clarity in 30 minutes. That act of chewing is going to help you break down that food into usable, powerful nutrients that your body desperately needs - that it will use to help you complete what you DO like and are grateful for.

It’s a means to an end that we don’t have to get hopped up about, but we must honor.

And a special note for meat-eaters: remembering that life has been given to sustain your life is an even more humbling realization. It’s really hard to take a meal for granted when we regularly acknowledge this sacrifice. It changes how we view our food and definitely impacts how we acquire it.



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