Food Logging Do's + Don'ts

I DO NOT recommend food logging for everyone, but I DO teach people how to use this tool effectively in the Fundamental Health Formula (because it's a powerful tool when wielded properly).

????????Remember: understanding nutrition and lifestyle factors should give you FREEDOM not make you feel restricted or stressed. If you don't feel that way, we've got work to do but it's absolutely, 100% possible.????

Food Logging Do's

  • ✅DO use Cronometer or don’t waste your time (maybe a little dramatic but it’s a no brainer - entries are verified, it tracks macros AND micros even in the free version and allows you to adjust targets. Just adjust the settings for Total Carbs and NOT Net Carbs).
  • DO log as an experiment - with curiosity - to get a baseline of your CURRENT intake. Ideal targets mean jack sh*t without it.
  • DO log the night before if you want to rock your life, time and sanity.
  • DO start with these baselines:

    • Protein: .8-1.0/lb of lean mass or bodyweight

    • Fat: No lower than 40% of your bodyweight in grams

    • Carbohydrate: No lower than 120g for the babes, the rest is variable depending on factors such as diet history, exercise level, NEAT, and gut/hormone health

(Overwhelming? That’s why people make this stuff a career, hire a coach my fraaand!)

Food Logging Don'ts:

  • ❌DON'T try logging if you don’t know the difference between a protein, carb and fat. #nailthebasics
  • ❌DON'T try logging every day without an end date.
  • ❌DON'T use anyone else’s targets as your own, you unique little butterfly.✅
  • ❌DON'T make the mistake of thinking you need to log to be healthy. It’s ONE tool. A very helpful tool when when used appropriately and a devastating one when misused.



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