Is It Food SENSITIVITIES or Something Else?

If you deal with bloating or discomfort after meals more than the odd occasion, save your money on those food sensitivity tests for now.

And start NAILING your mealtime habits.

I know, you've got a LOT on your plate. Kids to wrangle, work demands, keeping the house going...

But it doesn't help you to not be honest.

And the truth is your body is not wired for scarfing down food while multitasking and running around like a headless hamster.

Seriously though, what if it was that simple?

What if instead of continuing to wonder when or why you are having GI discomfort or bloating...

You just needed to CHEW your food and breathe a little more?

Wouldn't that be dope?

Five Mealtime Habits to Try

  • ????Five Breaths before your first bite
  • ????Chew THOROUGHLY - like, way more than you think
  • ????Breathe between bites
  • ????Put your fork down
  • ????Eat without distraction - phone, tv, etc

I won't say it'll be easy, but it MIGHT be that simple. What practice are you going to try this week?????????



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