The Four S's of SUCCESS

Self Trust

Learning to trust yourself and your word is one of the most crucial and overlooked elements of any endeavor.

Many people find themselves in a toxis cycle of betrayal because they have become so accustomed to NOT following through on things they say they will do.

No system or strategy can overcome a lack of trust in oneself. Start here.


Likewise, no strategy will be successful without the systems in place to execute it.

And the best support system in the world won't be able to ra-ra you to executing on a daily basis.

The primary objective should always be consistency and repeatability - work backwards to ensure that your life is set up to make things as automated as possible.


Having the right support can all make the difference in long-term success.

Sharing your journey with significant others, cultivating a supportive environment and surrounding yourself with encouraging people and mentors will shore you up on tough days and provide affirmation to stay the course.

Identify your team members and bring in more guidance if needed.


If you have self-belief, systems and support even the dumbest strategy can work.

OF COURSE there are more 'ideal' strategies but because these are person-dependent and complexity sells, people waste a lot of time and energy on what is arguably the smallest piece of the puzzle.

Know WHY your strategy will work for you, and be savage about selecting one you know you can do for the long haul.

Your biggest obstacle?

You spend WAY too much time thinking about that last S.

????????Committing to get results ≠ Committing to get results that LAST.

If you're interested in getting results and keeping them, then you'll start paying more attention to the other S's and stop wondering if you should do IF, 75Hard or another round of keto.

Which "S" could use an upgrade in your life?



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Because strategies without systems cannot succeed.



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