Hand Guide Meal MISTAKES

A hand guide meal is....

  • 1 Palm lean protein
  • 1 Fist veggie
  • 1 Handful starchy carb
  • 1 Thumb fat

It creates a well-rounded plate with all the macronutrients (and micronutrients!) and if this was the only protocol you followed for 3-4 meals per day - you probably wouldn't need me or any other nutritionist.

But I know what you think every time you see basic nutrition guidelines like this. ????

  • "That's too simple"
  • "Things like that don't work for me"
  • "I need something more iNdIviDuAliZeD"

To which I shall lovingly but firmly respond..


Also, if you're NOT doing something this basic with your nutrition it's probably why you haven't found anything that "works."

I made the mistake early on in my career of thinking people were "advanced" and letting them skip ahead to things like macros or fasting.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Those people ended up wasting time because we had to go back to the drawing board on fundamentals of nutrition and setting up systems to ensure they could execute them consistently (which was my fault - it's MY job to ensure everyone I work with has a grasp of the fundamentals before throwing complexity at them and thinking that will be successful).

The irony is, if most people crushed 3-4 hand guide meals per day, they would:

a) probably not even need a more complex strategy, or

b) actually be in a place to execute a complex strategy SUCCESSFULLY if they wanted to

Of course there are some adjustments I help my clients identify over time and practice to dial in results or prepare them for more advanced strategies like logging.

But today I'm going to share what the most COMMON mistakes are and save you all that time and headache.

3 Common Hand Guide Mistakes

1. Skipping an element (especially starchy carbs!)

Protein, veggie, and fat are there but skipping an element can lead to hunger and cravings later on (at minimum!).

2. Not using a LEAN protein source

If you're using a protein source with higher fat composition, then you're getting less protein and more fat - which can add up over time.

This is fine as long as you're aware of it! You may just want to reduce or nix your additional fat source for the meal.

3. Underestimating fat content (especially cooking oil)

Fats are essential: if we don't eat them, we will break down and eventually die. Just bear in mind that they are calorically dense then protein and carbohydrates at 9 calories per gram.

Include those healthy fats, but be cognizant of how easily they can push you in a caloric surplus, particularly if you're consuming fattier sources of protein.

Have you ever tried following hand guide meals?



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