Are You Really READY for Fat Loss?

Let's get straight to it today with something that may be hard to hear, but necessary to  face when you really want long-term peace with your body...

Coming at fat loss from a place of shame or disgust with your body is the fast track route to destroying your relationship with your body.

The fact is your body is already showing up day after day, working INSANELY hard to to keep you going, helping you show up for the things YOU want to do.

If you aren't listening or if you spend a lifetime treating it terribly, then eventually you're going to reap on that investment.

Usually your body speaks up politely - maybe you start having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or poor energy, or digestive discomfort, things like that.

But eventually it's going to speak up louder because YOU AREN'T LISTENING.????

You just keep trying to diet, taking away resources and food that would help it thrive, despite the message that it needs some care.

And then we have the audacity to get frustrated. Call it broken. Refuse to even look at in the mirror.

That has to stop. And going for another diet or fat loss attempt is the OPPOSITE of what it needs right now. In fact, what your body is asking for is some time to HEAL. But how do you know if that's the case?

It's time to heal if you...

  • Do not have a BM everyday
  • Struggle sleeping more than 6 hours or sleeping through the night
  • Have erratic  daily energy and/or fueled by caffeine
  • You have never intentionally eaten at maintenance intake (or don't know what that is)
  • You feel restricted by food or food choices

On the other hand, if none of those things pings for you OR you have checked that list off methodically - how do you know when you're in a place for a successful fat loss phase?

You're ready for fat loss if you...

  • Have at least one great bowel movement each day
  • Are sleeping at least 7 hours through the night
  • Have consistent daily energy and workouts
  • Do some form of resistance training (otherwise your loss will be lean mass, which is the LAST thing you want)
  • Have been eating at a maintenance (stable) intake for at least 8-12 weeks

Here's the thing - 'healing' doesn't require you to pop out of bed, singing praises to your earthly vessel as Disney birds braid your hair.

AND wanting to lose fat or change your body CAN come from a place of LOVING your body and wanting it to thrive.

But consider this...

  • ????????When was the last time you reflected on what your body does each day to keep you functioning?
  • ????????When was the last time you thought about how your body shows up for you even when you won't show up for it?
  • ????????When was the last time you approached your body with the question..."what do you need right now?"
  • What if THAT is what you've been missing in your years' long quest to 'subdue' your body?

Let's break the pattern today. Let's get you to a place of lasting PEACE with the body that you have been gifted with for your entire life on this Earth.



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