Healthy Eating Habits

and Meal Hygiene

I know what you’re thinking. “Bri, I wash my hands before eating. At least when people are around.”

But we’re not talking about cleanliness. Meal hygiene refers to HOW we eat – our pace, chewing, mindfulness. Basically it’s whether or not what we DO at mealtime supports digestion of the foods we eat.


You may have heard the term “mindless eating” (you know, Great British Bake-off marathons on Sundays? Anyone?). The thing is, most of us eat mindlessly way more often than the weekends. When was the last time you sat down, took a few deep breaths, stared at your food, felt grateful for it (you know, since it’s the literal reason we stay alive) and then slowly savored and chewed every last bite - without watching T.V. or scrolling your phone? Yeahhhhh, about that.


Eating slowly helps us…

  • ????Improve digestion
  • Improve hydration
  • Lose or maintain weight easier
  • Decrease hunger by increasing satiety
  • Extract essential nutrients

Eating quickly leads to….

  • Poor digestion
  • ????Increased weight gain
  • Less satiety
  • Overconsumption
  • Excretion of nutrients


Here are some SIMPLE suggestions to taking our mealtime back:

  • 5 deep breaths at the start of each meal
  • ☑️2-3 breaths between bites
  • ☑️Chew food until it is a liquid (or 25-30x) – If food is not chewed adequately, undigested food particles stress our intestines and stomachs (plus we miss out on the full nutrients from the food).
  • Create an enjoyable environment - Good company, relax and smile
  • Preplate your food and see everything you eat.
  • Make overeating a hassle - Don’t keep temptation in the house or make it harder to get if you do.
  • Create distraction-free eating environment – eliminate TV, phones, mindless scrolling
  • Make comfort food more comforting – Don’t nix your favorite foods, just enjoy them in smaller amounts and MINDFULLY. Try pairing celebrations or good days with healthier options to start associating comfort with them.

You can improve your health without a single change to what you eat!