HORMETIC Stressors

Wanna nerd out for a sec in the name of science and self-improvement? ????????Let's ride.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzsche

Dude might have known what he was talking about...

In the fields of biology and medicine, HORMESIS is defined as an adaptive response of cells & organisms to a moderate (usually intermittent) stress. Fungi, bacteria, insects, plants and algae, & animals have been recorded to show adaptive responses to stressors.

Ok, here's the applicable bit.

1. Exercise

????????After exercising, our inflammatory markers (cortisol and oxidative stress for example) are actually raised. We've responded to the stressor but the next time we exercise we will be better at it.

2. Vegetables

????Evidence is mounting that it's our bodies RESPONSE plant's phytochemicals & polyphenols that give us health benefits at a cellular level (but P.S. you can change your taste buds by exposing them to foods 5-10 times, so don't use this as an excuse).

3. ❄️Cold Therapy

❄️This is my FAVVVVV despite what it may look like in the photo lol (#prayingtoallthegods). Cold water exposure can elicit a powerful adaptive response & antioxidant boost after initial increase in oxidative stress.

4. ☀️Sunlight

☀️Our body's tan after time in the sun a way of protecting against sun damage, reducing skin cancer and tells us we're generating vitamin D.

5. Sauna

????The science shows us improvements in: focus, learning & memory, growth of new brain cells, improvements in depression and anxiety, general increased capacity for stress tolerance, increased insulin sensitivity, decreased inflammation, protection against neurodegenerative diseases, and prolonged aging. DOPEEEEE.

6. Mindset

????The ONLY thing in life we can predict is the unpredictable. What if we started to perceive all those little things that pop up in our day to annoy us - as OPPORTUNITIES to flex our mind's hormetic muscle?

NOTE: Too hard of training, too much sun, even too many veggies can quickly become detrimental. It's about HARNESSING the power of an APPROPRIATE dose to get the benefits, ya feel me?



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