How to ACCOMPLISH Your Goals

I’ve got a tried-and-true, killer strategy for getting out of limbo and helping you actually accomplish goals.

Limbo is that space where we recognize we are unsatisfied with something but don’t take any action. We often stay in limbo because we think big goals require big changes - which couldn’t be further from the truth. This formula will take you out of limbo and to your goal every time. 


☝????STEP 1: What is your ONE goal right now?

Lean out, gain energy, increase muscle mass? Great, pick one - it CANNOT be all of them. STOP PICKING ALL OF THEM NUTSO. Now write it down and POST THAT SH*T up where you gotta read it urryday.

✌????STEP 2: WHY is this important to you right now?

So you can play with the kids/grandkids? Look hawt for your main piece? 
Whatever you answer here - ask WHY again. In fact, ask WHY at least THREE MORE times until you’ve gone so deep you’re uncomfortable with your own vulnerability. Bask in your newfound depths of awareness, chemosabi.

STEP 3: What is ONE thing you can start doing TOMORROW?

Eat breakfast? Drink X ounces of water? Go to bed 10 minutes earlier?

You MUST also ask yourself…
Do I feel 100% confident that I can do this thing EVERY DAY for the next 2 weeks? If you’re unsure, scale it down. I’m serious. Stop biting off more than you can chew (a nutrition pun!).

Step 4: Freaking do it, man.

Wake up tomorrow, drink a big ol’ glass of water and GO DO YOUR THING BABY. You’ve got ONE task - even at the expense of something else, follow through on your ONE THING.

In 2 weeks, you’re going to revisit your goal and repeat step 3, replacing it with another habit. You will acknowledge how you FOLLOWED THROUGH and little by little start to trust yourself again. This is going to lead to more improvements - and progress - and then in 6 months and a year you’re going to wonder why you ever tried cutting out carbs or crazy diets when the answer to a sustainable, enjoyable life was in the daily, unsexy, but EFFECTIVE AF grind of SIMPLE practices done over and over and over.