How To Balance A Social Life With Optimal Health

It’s not my job to suck the fun out of your life.

Quiiiite the opposite - by learning how to make more intentional decisions, develop awareness around your health and make effective choices you’ll discover how much fun you’ve been missing out on.

What’s more fun than a night out with friends enjoying great food and laughs? (Other than a night in with jigsaw puzzles...)

Uhhh, how about getting to do it guilt-free and know that it’s part of your health plan. Promise it’s thaaa bessssst.

I want you to see how FUN it is to feel good. Because let's be honest if you don’t enjoy this process you’re NOT going to stick to it.


1. Take an honest assessment of your social and down time

How much of that time leaves you refreshed and restored? How much leaves you feeling guilty, unhealthy or bleh? How can you add a tiny bit more restorative time via getting outdoors, going to sleep at a reasonable time, meditating & breathing?

????2. Construct a meal planning and prepping strategy that is fun and repeatable for YOU each week.

3. Regularly SCHEDULE your outings. 

Knowing they are coming up gives you extra incentive to skip the crap you don’t actually enjoy like those handfuls of chocolates or ordering in “just because.”

????????‍♀️4. Walk, walk, WALKKKKK. 

I ignored this action for so long even as a fitness PROFESSIONAL. It’s hard to rationalize easy movement as beneficial when you’re used to “feeling” your workouts amiritie? I prescribe walks for my clients regularly as I see it tick potent boxes such as mindfulness, relaxation, getting outdoors, improving blood flow/circulation, relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

5. Learn how to breathe. 

I’m serious. We need to learn how to breathe. The laundry list of benefits are nuts (go check out my prior post a couple months back about learning how to breathe). Box breathe 3x/day to start.



From nutrition tips to navigating alll the nuance.



Sleep, walks, puzzles and more that fill me with joy!



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