How to BEAT  Food Cravings

How often do you feel powerless to your food cravings?

I remember thinking I was doomed to crave sweets forever. That I’d never be healthy or have the body I want because I was weak.

Man, was I wrong.

Tons of my clients start the Fundamental Health Formula with cravings they’ve tried everything to beat - Whole30, no sugar challenges, working out, pills, products…

What if I told you it usually has VERY little to do with willpower? That you’re setting yourself up for failure if you rely solely on discipline?

Today, I'm sharing a powerful checklist that can help you eliminate cravings and allow you the freedom to enjoy foods because you WANT to, not because you NEED to.

Nutrient deficient?

Lacking certain nutrients (poor content in foods, variation, etc), sends alarm bells that often appear as cravings.

  • Consume at least 5 servings (1 cup) of nutrient-dense veggies per day & supplement with a quality multivitamin.


Imbalance in macros, esp. extended periods of low-fat or low-carb, leads to cravings, resistant body fat, decreased performance in the gym, hormonal imbalances, and more.

  • Avoid dropping below 40% bw in grams of fat and experiment with a minimum 100-120g of carbs from rice, sweet/white potatoes, quinoa, plantains. Schedule frequent, balanced meals throughout the day.


Food is tied to culture, background, & early reward systems…pretending we don’t have some emotional ties to food is shortsighted. We often need to take time to heal our relationships with food, a crucial step.

  • Hire a therapist or coach
  • Train yourself to see food as nourishment rather than “bad” or “good”

Gut out of whack?

Gut microbiome helps determine nutrient levels & sends messages to our brain. Since bad bacteria feed on sugar, an imbalance in our guts can lead to more/less desire for sweets

  • Check out my Gut Dysbiosis posts for more info & tons of suggestions.


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