How to become Consistent

Everyone tells me they need to be more consistent.

But what I've discovered over the years is that isn't the root issue.

It's the idea that being consistent can only mean:

  • Follow a 'perfect' meal plan
  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night
  • Work out every day
  • Hit 10k steps
  • Meditate for 30 minutes
  • Journal
  • Etc, etc

Which is bonkers. If that's the metric you're comparing 'consistency' to, then no wonder you feel frustrated.

The first thing you need to do is simpler than you think.

Stop chasing the 'things.'

And start chasing consistency itself - no matter what that entails. 

What do the actions need to be in order for you to be consistent?

5k steps? Awesome.
2 workouts this week? Fantastic.
A balanced breakfast? Dope.

It’s really important to note that if your brain thinks “that’s not enough” then this is exactly where you need to start. There is no such thing as too little when it comes to chasing consistency.

Hear me out. I'm not trying to lower your standards.

I'm trying to adjust your starting point. Because your current starting point is sabotaging you instead of setting you up for success, and it really does make all the difference.

Take your updated definition of consistency, earn your progressions over time and watch your results skyrocket.

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