How to Eliminate Cravings

The year is 2006, before baby Bri understood her insatiable urges to double fist Haribo gummies & Sour Jellies were insights into her emotional health. It’s before she learned that cravings could tell us about nutrient status or gut health & be solved by simply eating ENOUGH on a regular basis (#restrictandbinge were lyfe, baby).

Demonizing sugar isn’t the answer OR a solution because it doesn’t address why our brains are fixated in the first place. Rather, learning how to decipher messages from our bodies is THE way to health & food freedom.

Today, I'm sharing a powerful checklist that can help you eliminate cravings and allow you the freedom to enjoy treats because you WANT to, not because you NEED to.

Are you nutrient deficient?

❓Lacking certain nutrients (poor content in foods, variation, etc), sends alarm bells that often appear as cravings.

  • Consume at least 5 servings (1 cup) of nutrient-dense veggies per day and consider supplementing with a quality multivitamin.❓

Are you under-consuming?

❓Imbalance in macros, esp. extended periods of low-fat or low-carb, leads to cravings, resistant bodyfat, decreased performance in the gym, hormonal imbalances, & more.

  • Avoid dropping below 40%bw in grams of fat and experiment with a minimum 100-120g of carbs from rice, sweet/white potatoes, quinoa, plantains. Schedule frequent, balanced meals throughout the day.

❓Are your cravings emotion-driven?

❓Food is tied to culture, background, & early reward systems…pretending we don’t have some emotional ties to food is shortsighted. We often need to take time to heal our relationships with food, a crucial step.

❓Is your gut out of whack?

Gut microbiome helps determine nutrient levels & sends messages to our brain. Since bad bacteria feed on sugar, an imbalance in our guts can lead to more/less desire for sweets

  • Check out my Gut Dysbiosis blog post for more information & tons of suggestions.