How to Find Lasting Results

Sick of "falling off the wagon" and starting over?

You've tried tons of strategies and tactics to lose weight. You miss having energy, and you wish there was more time to focus on your health.

But you feel tapped out. Every once in a while you get really fed up, dig deep for motivation, and try something new...only to break down or fail a few days or weeks later.

Life comes up or a wedding or a crazy time at work, and those habits and diet plans you were trying so hard to stick to simply aren't doable anymore.

Am I close?

If so, it's because I understand and see this all the time. It's why I developed a formula that teaches people how to get off the hamster wheel and find lasting results no matter what life throws at you.

My clients are working parents, nurses, entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers - and they learn exactly what actions they need to take to finally get a handle on their health, nutrition, and fitness.

Feeling Stuck? Start Here.????

1. Stop overestimating your abilities (ouch)

You fall off the wagon when you're trying to do too much. It means you weren't following a sustainable plan. So back off, start small and simple, and build from there.

2. Identify your "domino" habit

This is one action that creates momentum and tends to lead to other, positive actions. For example, exercising for 30 minutes per day often leads to better food choices, improved sleep, and reduced stress.

3. Make ONE nutrition goal and ONE lifestyle goal

Example for nutrition - Eat breakfast or start packing a lunch.
Example for lifestyle - Create a bedtime routine.

Now...crush the heck out the above actions for 2 weeks without adding ANYTHING. Then assess your progress and upgrade again.



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