How to Get Those Steps In

Starting a new workout program?
Combatting stress or anxiety?
Interested in fat loss?
Struggle with a sweet tooth?
Want to improve performance?
Boost immune function during flu season?

Time to get those feets a’movin’. Walking has been shown to improve all of the above factors. It truly is the not-so-secret secret to health.


‼️Crushing yourself for an hour in the gym while molding to the form of a chair for the rest of your waking hours is a surefire way to plateaus, creaky joints, and frustration.

Steps are not the be all end all, they’re just a really effective way to get us off our butts more often - thus improving recovery, fat loss, mental and cardiovascular health.

10k steps is the number you’ll hear thrown around as the gold standard. Tbh, I rarely, if ever, suggest 10k steps off the bat.

Because if you have no idea how much you move throughout the day or are just starting to assess this area of your health, you’re gonna flip out when you realize you’re a regular 3k or 4k a day kid.

Hitting 10k requires some effort, but don’t worry I’ll break that bad boy down later on.

For now, if you feel stuck in a lifestyle that keep you chair bound, I want to show you some tips for getting your movement up in some EASY ways that won’t require you to overhaul your life.

HOW TO HIT 7K A DAY????????‍♀️


  1. 1️⃣AM routine + 10min morning walk (~1500)
  2. Up 2x mid-morning for water or quick lap around office (~3000) - Pssst, this will also improve your productivity and mental acuity
  3. 10min Post-lunch walk (~4500)
  4. Up 2-3x mid-afternoon (~5500)
  5. Park outer reaches of grocery store/errands (engage situational awareness plz) (~6000)
  6. 10-15min Evening walk (~7000)


  1. 2️⃣Hit 2k by 10am by parking further, taking stairs, work breaks (~2000)
  2. 10min Post-lunch walk (~3500)
  3. Afternoon breaks for water, potty or the closest window (~5000)
  4. 20min Evening walk (~7000)

Adding walking to my health regimen is easily one of the most impactful things I’ve done in a lifetime of fitness (other than box breathing lulz you guys know I be aggressively into that).



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