How to Keep Your


Heck, I love New Year's. The whole world gettin' psyched about improving themselves? I don't see why we wouldn't want to take advantage of riding the momentum.

I used to waste so much time bouncing around from hack to hack & ignoring the essentials...but YOU don’t have to.

Let's take it one further step this year and implement some EASY practices to ensure those actions have staying power. I promise it's easier than you think.

STEP 1: Know why

Ask why you want your goal and then ask why again. And again. And at least one more time. Know WHY you’re doing it realllll deep & strong. You’re tempted to skip this step - dooooooon’t. Post it where you will see it every day. Again, you're going to be tempted to skip this step. Don't.

STEP 2: Break it down

If you want to lose 20 pounds, what ACTIONS will this take? Exercising 5x/week? Do you workout 1-2 times now? RED FLAG. Expecting to suddenly start exercising 5x/week is why you’ve failed in the past. BREAK. THAT. DOWN. Nail 3x/week + outside the gym stuff. For years we have trained ourselves to take massive action & then let ourselves off the hook when it became unsustainable. We gotta rebuild trust in our own ability to FOLLOW THROUGH.

STEP 3: Supporting practices

  • ????Review Sessions = Weekly check-ins with yourself are the easiest to implement & ensure you don't let too much time go by if you have an off week. Which day works best for you? Sundays? Fridays before you fall prey to weekend woes? Put a 20-minute slot in your calendar and treat it like a client meeting.
  • Sunday Prep = Non-negotiable 30 min set aside on Sunday’s to plan meals, take a look at your week, review the last one.
  • Evening Recap = Mentally or in your journal —> review 3 wins from the day and plan your meals and restorative time for the next day.
  • ????Wednesday Check-in = Take a look in the fridge, hit the grocery store or order some food for end of the week/weekend  #stoplosingyourshitontheweekend.

Hit the above actions for the next 4 weeks and show yourself how simple it can be. 



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