Hydration HACKS

I'm trying to put a spin on a really overdone topic today...

So stay with me because we all know staying hydrated is kiiiiind of important but not everyone knows how easy it is to get dehydrated - or that performance decline happens at as little as 1% dehydration.

If you wanna skip the nerd out part, just go ahead and ????????scroll down???? for some helpful hacks on keeping your hydration levels from jacking up yo' health.


On average, the human body is 60 percent water by weight, depending on age, gender, & bodyweight (no wonder we feel at home next to water!)


Water is ESSENTIAL for...

  • ????Structural firmness
  • ????Making up blood, lymph, gastric secretions, & urine
  • ????Lubricating our joints
  • ????Helping maintain core body temperature
  • ????Forming blood plasma

...aka all the essential, under-the-radar processes that we constantly take for granted but affect us a TON.



Pretty easily, actually. Each day you lose approximately 2-2.5 half cups of water just going about your usual activities, so we gotta replace this loss throughout the day. Coffee, tea, and sodas are not ideal - they can have a diuretic effect (i.e., trigger water loss) and actually increase your daily fluid requirement.

ℹ️FUN FACT #2ℹ️

Ironically, when we are chronically dehydrated, we HOLD onto water. If we are consistently hydrated, then our body will NOT hold water, giving the appearance of better muscle tone and a leaner look. A higher intake is necessary to help metabolize higher protein intake, as well as clear the metabolic waste from training & aid recovery.

What stinks most about dehydration? It keeps you from operating at high efficiency, including lack of mental acuity in late afternoon, increasing your heart rate during simple tasks, and can even cause you to wake up groggy.

????NOTE: Waking up in the middle of the night usually has more to do with stress/hormonal profile than being over-hydrated. Check yo' stress!

I don't even want people to have to THINK about staying hydrated. I want it to be part of your systems and become habitual, so here are some easy ways to hack it!

Tips for Staying Hydrated

  • Pick out a fav insulated water cup or jug and set a daily goal (ex. 3-4 by end of day)
  • Place a big-ass glass of water on your nightstand in the evening and start your day by chugging it upon waking
  • Add a pinch of salt to your morning water
  • Drink consistently throughout the day
  • Salt your food, especially if most is home-prepared or you sweat daily
  • Cut up fruit like limes, strawberries, and rosemary to make your water bougie????????????????


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