Lessons from the jungle

If you’ve been following along my social media the last couple weeks, you were probably thinking what tf is she doing? Why is she always sweating? Where does Dallas have that many trees? Did something just shriek in the background?

I spent the last two weeks in Costa Rica, immersed in a functional medicine, strength and conditioning retreat. It was one of those experiences that yield so many lessons and gifts, that you find it hard to describe…but I want to at least share some takeaways that I hope to never forget.

Sit every day. Sitting won’t quiet the thoughts or eliminate them – it will simply allow them to show up and then leave without as much attachment.

  • Take your multivitamin
  • More knowledge is not the answer. The ability to apply knowledge and seek wisdom is.
  • Be hot more.
  • Be cold more.
  • Being uncomfortable by choice, as often as you can, may be the ticket to an easier and more resilient life.
  • Fear of suffering brings pain; choosing suffering brings freedom.
  • If you think you are fragile, you will be fragile. If you believe yourself to be resilient, you will become resilient.
  • If I’m not aware of the lies I tell myself, I will never be free of them.
  • Our bodies are created to be used, not just to be seen – they are tools, not idols. What we pour into them allows us to pour more into the world.
  • Culture is not our friend; but it is possible to create our own culture with strong enough intention.
  • Incredible, life-changing experiences are waiting for you right outside your comfortable, manufactured world. Step out.

I am deeply grateful to the incredible humans who gave so much of themselves to this experience. Ben and Steph House for making this amazing experience a reality from dream to inception. Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. Mike T Nelson, Dr. Pat Davidson, Dr. Seth Oberst, Dr. Zac Cupples, Lucy Hendricks and Ryan L’Ecuyer for smashing the standard of sharing knowledge. And to the brilliant, hilarious and precious humans I had the honor to share space with for way too long – all of you guys are nuts, and I freakin’ love you.

Until next year #PuraVida

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