4 Little Systems That Make a BIG Difference

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before
  2. Big ass glass of water upon waking
  3. Put dim lighting in your bathroom
  4. Automate one meal per day

If your first thought upon reading this was...

"Those are so basic. Too small to make a difference. Give me something SUBSTANTIAL to work on!"

...then we just discovered what's keeping you from seeing the BIG progress you've been wishing for.

????????People who are consistent - who achieve the goals they set out - are the ones who know there's no such thing as too small of a habit.

  • ✅Going to gym doesn't require as much thought or energy
  • ✅Eating balanced meals feels automated
  • ✅Moving throughout the day is simply routine

I GUARANTEE you are wasting energy right now on things like...

  • ????Figuring out what to wear every morning (yes, even if it's deciding between pj's or sweatpants, aight)
  • ????Deciding what to eat for breakfast (or if you even will eat breakfast)
  • ????Thinking about working out or which workout to do or when to go
  • ????Knowing you should go for a walk but not 'feeling like it'

⚡️Setting up systems is about identifying things you don't feel like doing, and getting one step ahead of them until they become automated. And you DON'T have to be disciplined or smart or even hardworking to leverage this powerful concept.

  1. ➡️Laying out clothes - an easy decision to eliminate first thing
  2. ➡️Drinking a big glass of water - re-hydrates you, get bowels going, helps you wake up
  3. ➡️Himalayan lamp in bathroom - starts the wind-down process in your brain, so you fall asleep easier and potentially sleep deeper
  4. ➡️Automate one meal per day - find a local meal prep company and get 4-5 meals per week for the meal you struggle with most

It sounds crazy at first, but it's these kinds of little things that build momentum and show you what it takes to see big outcomes.

Can you think of some other "small" systems that are great at building momentum?????????



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