Making Sleepytime Sexy

I get it - talking about sleep ain't that sexy or exciting.

And the only downtime you have are evenings with Netflix (plus a little vino, eh?).

This is another area that can be WAY overcomplicated because the things that make the biggest difference are (like we’ve established) not very sexy. But I am 100% confident that these 4 practices can transform your sleep. And when sleep is upgraded, so is everything from your mind to your body to your productivity.

4 Steps to a Sexier Sleepytime????
(man, I love me some alliteration)


You’re going for a delighted “ahhhhhh” when you walk in. Spark some freaking joy from the cleared off surfaces, blacked out drapes, chilly temps…heck, pop a salt lamp in the corner for some mood lighting.

2. Bedtime Routine Essentials

A 15-20min ritual can make ALL the difference:

  1. Dim lights everywhere
  2. Put phone to bed (OUTSIDE the bedroom)
  3. ????Lay out clothes/breakfast/lunch
  4. ????Get ready for bed
  5. Big glass of water on nightstand, so you can start your day hydrated AF
  6. 3-5 minute anchor (ex. stretch flow, meditation, breathing or journal - pick ONE)
  7. ????Climb in bed + hit the lights

3. STOP snoozing intentionally

I was QUEEN of setting my alarm early, so I could roll back over. You’re groggy because your body is getting whiplash between waking up & falling asleep. Nix the first 2 alarms, count down from 5 and GET UP. Expose yourself to light as soon as possible and take 5 deep breaths. You got this.

4️⃣4. Midday Stress Practice

Your stress is building up throughout the day like a cup of water in the sink. Either you minimize the amount coming in or your figure out how to process it more efficiently. Pour it out by pausing for 3-5 minutes throughout the day to log off your brain, breathe or be still. Walks around the office/outside are effective as well.



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