How to MAXIMIZE Your Time and Energy

I believe you have the capability to feel like a badass.

I believe RE-learning how to nourish ourselves through our food, our actions and our environment is a most worthy cause.

I believe anyone who truly wants to feel amazing, look like they do and live well can make it happen by investing their effort EFFICIENTLY.

Most of us can pinpoint not having enough time as the greatest obstacle to their goals. But if we fill our time with the essentials first, the outcome is MORE time, freedom and vitality.

Here are 10 daily actions to take that will maximize your time and energy

☀️1. Turn off phone notifications

????You’re not the President of the United States. It can wait. At minimum, turn them off after work.

????2. Delete the Facebook app

????You can still check via browser. Helps with those baking video black holes.????

3. Process your sh*t every day

????Meditate, journal or reflect in whatever way you’re willing.

????????‍♀️4. Start your day with movement

????????‍♀️5 Sun Salutations or a quick flow to circulate your blood and energize yo mind.

????????‍♀️5. Fall in love with your physical capabilities

????????‍♀️Don’t focus on what you can’t do or don’t enjoy - simply find a way to marvel at what your body CAN do on a daily basis.

6. ????Learn how to breathe

????Nose is for breathing. Mouth is for eating and sometimes exhaling

7. Get that D

????No replacement for sunshine on skin, and we need it every day in varying doses (sans sunscreen).

8. Connect deeply with 1-2 people every day

????‍♀️Research continues to show that the most powerful indicator for longevity and life satisfaction is having a community and role in it. Find your people and invest in them.

9. Ritualize your AM & PM

????This time will become your daily sanctuary. It will directly impact your health, your contribution to the world and your fulfillment

10. ????Laugh. Every. Day

????Life can be unfair, mean, harsh and full of trouble. It is also full of joy, gifts, opportunities and love. What you seek, you will always find.



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