3 Meal Planning MUSTS

Every single day, you make decisions about what you want to eat, how to get it and what needs to happen before it goes in your stomach.

????????‍♀️One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to do everything on one day (like Sunday, so then they dread it, avoid it or lose half a day and never do it consistently).

An ideal meal planning system for you will free up time, energy, and money.

Who doesn't want that? (Seriously, if you don't want that, this post isn't for you.)

1. Break up your meal planning into distinct phases

  1. 1️⃣Planning
  2. 2️⃣Grocery trips
  3. 3️⃣Meal prep

????️Then plug these into your calendar as RECURRING appointments each week.

2. Incorporate eating out with your planned meals

One of my joys is eating out. And when the majority of my meals are home prepared and my overall focus is health and wellbeing, there is no reason I shouldn't have room to enjoy takeaway or a restaurant dinner. Plus the money saved on prepped meals can be allocated to eating out and STILL save money overall.????

3. Use meal prep wingmen

Offloading even ONE meal per day is a gamechanger. And using a grocery delivery or curbside service has never been easier.

My favorites:

*Dallas Fort Worth only.
Google your city + meal prep company to find more options!

Find what works for you by STARTING with a framework (like this!) and then adapting as you go. Continue upgrading, and it'll blow your mind how much freer you will feel throughout the week. I'm always psyched to see this happen with my FHF peeps!

What day and time are you going to meal plan this week?



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