Meal Prep Basics: STARCHES

Blanket statements like "carbs are the devil" or "carbs make you fat" are doing the world a massive disservice.

Here is more context for someone who feels lost on how or why to incorporate starchy carbohydrates into their diet.

If you...

✅CrossFit or any HIIT

Your training is massively glycolytic in nature. While we CAN convert fat and protein into glycogen, it’s - inefficient at best. We can maintain low-intensity exercise without carbs, even with a ketogenic diet, but high intensity uses up glycogen stores fast WHILE supporting and improving performance.

✅Are a female

We tend to have a lower threshold for carb restriction - this OF COURSE varies person to person and that doesn't mean females CAN'T do keto or super lower carb - it just doesn't seem to work well for the majority.

✅Have gut/hormone struggles

Adequate carbohydrate intake is associated with a healthier microbiome and positively affects hormone balance, even to the point of alleviating depression (carbs are essential for creation of serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved with mood) + maintaining healthy thyroid function. Ranges VARY so check with a coach or doctor.

✅Want to gain lean mass more easily

Carbs = insulin = anabolic environment = gainzzz.

✅Want better recovery

If your body doesn't have the materials it needs (carbs and pro), it will do everything to get back to homeostasis, including catabolizing skeletal muscle to make glucose.


Are you with me yet? Carbohydrates are NOT the enemy - in fact, they could be part of what's holding you back from seeing the results you want! Now how about some practical pplication in the form of my favorite quick and easy starch prep options!



????Stovetop Rice????

  • ▫️2 Packages frozen white or brown rice
  • ▫️1 TBSP coco oil
  • ▫️4-6 TBSP Water or bone broth
  • ▫️Spice mix
  • ▫️Salt & pepper to taste
  1. Melt oil, add rice & water or bone broth
  2. Dump in spices, stir occasionally until it's readayyy


Baked Potatoes????

  • ▫️Potato of any kind
  • ▫️Fork
  • ▫️Foil
  1. Wash potatoes
  2. Stab aggressively 4-5 times
  3. Place on rack & bake 1 hour at 400 deg (lay foil below the rack to catch any juice)
  4. After 1 hour turn oven off but leave potatoes in with door cracked (helps skin separate)


Fried Plantains????

  • ▫️Sliced plantains
  • ▫️Coconut oil
  • ▫️Salt to taste
  1. Heat oil on non-stick pan & lay sliced plantains down
  2. Cook until start to brown then flip over
  3. Salt both sides & serve


Enjoy! See you on the other side of energy, satiety and performance ;)



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