Strategies and Tips

Meal prepping sucks when we make it difficult and overestimate our skills. It took me a long time to figure out ya GOTTA keep it simple. Let’s break ‘er down.


Having things on hand when you need them is ESSENTIAL. Figure out what you like, make a list and DON’T GO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY, SILLY.

2-3 from:

  • Vegetables – Cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onion
  • Fruits – Plums, bananas, blueberries
  • Lean proteins – Chicken breast, bison, turkey
  • Fats – Unsalted cashews, EVOO, GF butter
  • ????Starchy carbs – Sweet potatoes, jasmine rice, oats
  • Fun sh*t - Teas, cereal, kefir, greek yogurt, cheese, etc⚖️

Now let’s calculate quantity⚖️

Think 1 cup as 1 serving, so 2 packages of each veggie option should suffice.

Ground turkey (3-4oz per meal) x 10 meals = apx. 36 oz or a bit more than 2lbs.

Keep a big stock on hand, as they last.

  • Frozen cooked rice (brown or white, organic preferred)
  • Frozen diced sweet potatoes
  • Sack of potatoes (any kind)
  • Boxes of quinoa, brown rice pasta, etc

Keep a good bottle of EVOO, coconut oil, nut butters & GF butter on hand.


Hit the store on Thurs/Fri to save time on Sunday. Personally, I do “revolving prep” where I prep 1-2 items as needed when I am heating meals. It goes like this:

  • Select one option each from pro/veg/carb/fat for that meal
  • See that rice is low, grab a couple packages from freezer
  • Assemble meal in dish & pop in oven
  • Grab pot, dump in rice, add 1/8 cup of water, dollop of coconut oil & spices
  • Pop cooked rice in glass storage, meal in a bowl and voilá...lunch & prepped starch


  • COMPANIES: @dallasprepkitchen, @territoryfoods, Amazon prime, @thrivemkt, @farmbox_delivery, @instacart
  • FAV SEASONING/DRESSING: TJ’s spice section, Flavorgod, Primal Palate, etc - ➡️for my go-to dressing
  • LESS IS MORE: If you are consistent over time, one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re crushing it, effortlessly.