The MYTH of Variation

Most people struggle with meal prep because they are holding on to the idea that they need more variation.


But the belief that meal prepping means you are restricted and your meals are boring is false - and the cost is really high.


Having to decide what to eat every meal of the day (let's assume that's 21 per week) means:

  • Your meals are less enjoyable.
  • You are depleting precious (and finite) decision-making abilities.
  • You are less consistent.
  • You have less mental bandwidth for your work, family and purpose.


Whereas planning even a few meals per week - let's say one per day ahead of time - achieves the opposite of the above, all while freeing up a ton of space for you to think about and focus on what's actually important in your life (because seriously, your daily meals ain't it).


Solution: Stop telling yourself that meal prep means dictating every meal of your week and start asking yourself how you can automate even one meal per day.

(You will be shocked at how freeing it is to make even small upgrades in this department.)


And please...prepare meals you will actually enjoy, not what you think a prepared meal is supposed to be!


If you struggle with that, click here for my favorite batch prepped lunches (including the Greek Feta Pasta and Chipotle Bowl featured in my IG stories). Each one has well rounded portions of protein, starchy carbohydrate, fiber and fat and saves really well in the fridge!

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